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Thread: Never thought I'd be a single Mum of 5!

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    Hey Lucy. I am not shocked at what you wrote. I think it's a good thing. Whilst it might be purely physical, as long as you are safe, it's part of reconnecting, rebuilding and rediscovering yourself, IMHO. The "safe" bit is important though. Long ago when my self worth was gone, I did stupid things and I did not play safe, and whilst I got away with it, I am now a bit shocked at recalling what I did when I was so low down. Scares me so much to think if my daughters ever played roulette with their safety like I did... I'd be devastated. Anyway, that's just an aside. I am sure you are being sensible.. X

    And you know what, him being miserable! is that a ruse to make you feel guilty?! Well effing tough t*tty. one's heart bleeds.

    Sorry for my rambled thoughts. Glad you are still here. Think there are just about 10 or so of us left around here... how sad. The forum is dead. I don't want to use the FB one either. The two of us are never going to meet up are we, despite being relatively close to each other, are we
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    Hiya Savannah,

    Hey we can meet up on the New Year if you like xx

    It's great for me to get out at the moment. I met up with a friend from uni I hadn't seen for something in the region of 12 years the other week, she lives back in Southampton now.

    Yes I definitely know what you mean. It is strange being thrown back into that world where I know I have to be very careful and watch my back but it's amazing how quickly it's coming back I was the same when I was younger, was a bit careless at times, especially when I was a student but after the first time Jon ditched me too (way back, before we had kids)....went out and had a one night stand straight away, and several others followed

    I'm amazed at how many single 40 somethings there are out there. I've only actually had anything physical with one guy though I've got a friend who is trying his luck don't think I want to go there....

    Oh J is posting so much on facebook at the moment, he's got a following of American women from his forum plus a few more female work buddies who seem to like to humour's actually quite funny

    10 of us, blimey that's scary, I remember how many ladies used to be on here in an evening. Another example of changing times....I would never post this kind of personal stuff on facebook though I must say.
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    Yay! Do you fancy meeting one Thursday morning in Jan? It's my one day off work We could take the younger ones to Poulton park, I think that's reasonably half way between us? I've always fancied going.

    I was thinking the other day... You have Eira, I have Keira. Similar ages. You have Ness, I have Tess. Similar ages. Spooky!!! xx
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    I hope your christmasses went ok ladies? It was strange and sad but not as bad as I thought it would be. I only spent xmas alone from 3pm so wasn't too bad. I had the dog for a cuddle and nap on the sofa. actually that is quiet sad considering last year I had a family all day. ah well sh*t happens! Glad to see the back of 2018 hoping this one is better!

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    Happy New Year ladies! Not a good start to the year year, 12 days (and counting) in bed with the most horrid virus. Hope you are doing better than me, although that's probably not hard! xx

    Here is to a better 2019 for you Sage and Lucy. Sorry it was a bit lonely for you Sage xx
    Mama to two miracles - K born Dec 2011 and T born in Mar 2016

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