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Thread: Could I be pregnant ?!?

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    Could I be pregnant ?!?

    Ok so here goes ....

    Long story cut short :

    Last month I missed 3 contraceptive pills Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Thursday afternoon I got a very light period type bleed took the last couple of pills from the pack. Didnít realise until a google too late that I should have carried straight on with a new pack (never missed a pill so wasnít clued up !) didnít get my normal heavy AF but put it down to the light bleed which google suggested was a withdrawal bleed.

    We have had unprotected sex and now wondering what chance there is I could be pregnant? Only reason Iím even considering it as had a few symptoms which could just be coincidence ? We have just brought a new house and spending a few hours in the evening doing work redecorating it ...

    Iím absolutely exhausted to the point I feel I canít lift my arms , headaches, awful taste in my mouth ...

    Now the only abnormally ( which is making me question the possibility of pregnancy) Iím so tearful and burst into tears at the most ridiculous things ... I cried because dh wouldnít hold my hand whilst driving , painting the ceiling , driving to the new house this morning , spent 5 mins trying to get in the wrong car and cried about that all sorts of silly things !! and Iím not normally a emotional person.

    Also bizarrely my dh has made throwaway comments Ď oh your pregnant Ď on a couple of occasions , told me I shouldnít be painting the dining room grey I should be painting it pink for the baby and the dog is being very clingy !! The past two days I have also had little tingly light period type cramps .

    Any thoughts ?

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    The only sure way is to test, a lot of the symptoms could be from hormones being up and down as well as the stress of moving house could make anyone emotional!
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    When can I test ? Desperately trying to not get my hopes up !!

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    I'm pretty sure most tests you can use from when your period is due
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    Being tired and emotional is more a pre af thing.
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