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Thread: Hello again :)

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    Hello again :)

    Hi everyone

    Not sure if anyone will remember me but I was in here when I had my eldest in 2013 and youngest in 2014.

    Found out just over a week ago I知 pregnant again! really wasn稚 expecting it to happen so quickly but we are both over the moon with the news.

    I have pcos so my cycles are longer so I知 somewhere between 5.5 and 7.5 weeks. My clearblue from last Saturday said 2-3 so I guess I知 more likely 5-6. Due either March / April so not sure where to put myself lol

    From having a quick browse I can see a few names I recognise which is great.

    Good luck to everyone xx

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    Congratulations xx

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    Congratulations xxx
    Two girls aged 7 and 5. 6 stars due to Lupus anticoagulant 1 surprise bfp due apr 2019

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    Hello and congratulations!

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