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Thread: Twins and school

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    Twins and school

    Bit of background; my twins have just turned 5, they started reception Yr sep 17. At the time we lived with their dad they went to the same school but in different classes. Just after Christmas this year I left their father cos he's an alcoholic that had given up at no longer wanted to help support his family. I was in alot of debt and he had been physically abusive twice but mainly verbally. I saw no way out except take my parents up on there offer for us to move in. As we moved areas an ex was threatening to run off with boys I quickly moved them schools. New school is alot smaller so both in the same class.

    My twins are very close, simular personalities and generally get on really well in sometimes a good way other times they encourage each other to get into alot of trouble. They are cheeky and quite often very naughty.

    Today I got called into the class to be told they have both been alful. They don't seem bothered by punishments. This is not an uncommon accurance either.
    They weren't this bad when in separate classes.

    One of them has a behaviour development delay and really struggles with change, to the point we have a massive transitional plan in place for Yr one.

    My question; I really feel they will benefit much more by being separated. For my situation that means moving one of them schools. This is doable for me and at the moment I feel my only option. Obviously I don't want to move the one that struggles with change he's had so much change already. But I feel mean to be moving the other one just because he will cope better.
    Can I have opinions or advice please
    I just don't know what else to do I burst into tears earlier being told what they had done. They are a handful. I just feel they'll both get on better without having the other to be a bad influence.

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    Sorry ive only just seen this so not sure if you are still around to read my reply. My twins are 8 and have always been in the same class in school. I wasn't too keen but its working out ok. Comments about them fighting from teachers drive me nuts though. Yes, if you put brothers in the same class that already spend 24 hours a day together they are going to fight occasionally. I don't really no why they keep telling me because what do they expect me to do when im not there and my solution is split them but the school wont. They have both been on behavioural special measures in the past but I will say it has got a lot better with age. Them being together hasn't mattered too much. the teachers inform me they are split into different groups so never work together and often choose to play separately at play time. Id try not let it get to you and keep going. I understand how hard it is alone too x

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    Hiya Tatty teddy, I remember you

    I haven't got any great advice on this unfortunately (have never had twins) but I'd say just go with your instincts, you know them better than the teachers etc.

    They will have been affected by the break up too, I know my kids have, my 10 year old has been the worst affected, she really doesn't want to go to school at the moment. My 5 year old has been ok at school so far but much naughtier at home, she doesn't listen

    The general advice I've had is to keep things as stable as possible for the kids.

    Anyway, hope things are better now xx
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