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Thread: Where to go for As 3rd birthday...

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    Where to go for As 3rd birthday...

    Hi all, long time no see!

    We are trying to plan Aidans 3rd birthday, but cant come up with anywhere to go 🤷🏻*♀️
    well thats a lie, we have plenty of places, just cant decide where, whether we should stay a few nights somewhere too.

    So we have:
    Monkey World in Dorset, stay over night & have a beach day the following day.
    CBeebies Land - stay or day trip
    Chessington - stay or day trip
    Thomas Land
    West Midland Safari Park
    Cotswold Wildlife Park
    Cadbury World
    Bristol Science Museum - stay over night, gromet trail & SS Great Britain
    Peppa Pig World
    Chester Zoo

    Ideally Id like a few days away, but know our funds are limited 🤦🏻*♀️

    TIA for your input!
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    CBeebies land would probably be good, especially for that age. At least then youd have a good mix of characters etc.

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    I think weve decided on WMSP & will do CBeebies land/Peppa Pig next year when Logans a little bigger x

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