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Thread: I donít even know what to title this...

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    I donít even know what to title this...

    here is what happened to me: I am a mum to 2 boys already, one who will be 12 in June and one who will be 5 in July, I had a miscarriage in 2008 at 6 weeks after only knowing I was pregnant for 3 days, my story isnít about that sad loss though. Me and my childrenís dad split up last year and I got with my new partner who I have known as a friend for four years in September, we found out we were having a surprise baby this february just gone, at my 12 week scans I was told I had quite a large fibroid in my womb but it shouldnít harm the pregnancy. We were due 29th October baby looked healthy, fast forward to may 1st and my dad sadly passed away suddenly, then on may 10th I started spotting I went to the hospital and was sent home and told abit of spotting was normal as long as there was no pain I would be ok, 11th may I lost a clot but was still only spotting and still no pain so again I was sent home and told to go back only if bleeding was soaking a pad in an hour or I had pain. By 8pm I started getting mild contractions but thought nothing of it, maybe a water infection, at midnight I woke up in absolute agony, contractions were regular and painful, I phoned 111 but as I still wasnít bleeding I was told the on call doctor would ring me back, 2 hours later still no phone call and pains were worse so I called them again, I was still on the on call doctors list to call back, an hour later I couldnít cope with the pain any longer so I rang 999 who told me I would have to get a taxi to hospital if the pain was unbearable as they wouldnít send me an ambulance unless I was bleeding, half an hour later the blood was gushing out of me and they finally sent an ambulance (and the on call doctor finally rang me back &#128530 I got to hospital and they didnít know what to do with me, I was too far gone for epau and not pregnant enough for triage (I was 15+5 they wouldnít see me until 16) so I was left in the major trauma ward until gynea finally found me a bed at 1030am, I got to the hospital at 4am, I wasnít seen my a doctor until 2pm who examined me and told me they could see the baby and if I pushed it would come out and then I had to deliver the placenta too, I got to see my perfect little baby but it was too small for the date I should have been, turns out I had had a missed miscarriage around week 14 which would have been around the same time my dad passed away. I had a scan and I had had a complete miscarriage but my womb was still open so I was kept in a few days to make sure I didnít hemorage, they offered us an autopsy on baby but I turned it down, they couldnít tell us the sex either as baby was too small, we held the funeral for baby and my dad together on May 30th. Thankyou for reading, I just needed to put it all into words I guess.

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    So sorry. How are you feeling now
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsc1983 View Post
    So sorry. How are you feeling now
    im up and down to be honest, I can laugh and smile and joke but behind it all I can still feel my heart being crushed. Iím going back to work tomorrow for the first time since my dad died so Iím hoping a little normality back in life will help, Thankyou for asking

    m/c @ 6wks May'08

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    So sorry you have had all this to deal with. I hope going back to work helps. Take care of yourself x

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    I'm very sorry to read xx

    To lose your baby and your Dad in a few days, I can't begin to imagine

    Here to talk if you like, I lost my Dad 4 years ago now and have had 2 miscarriages (though not as late as yours).

    I hope you've had lots of support from your partner and good luck with work xx
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    I am so sorry for your loss. How heartbreaking XX
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    Thanks ladies x

    m/c @ 6wks May'08

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    So sorry for your losses. Sending love x

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    I am so sorry, sending love xx
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