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Thread: Hi again all, just announcing & nub guesses

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    Hi again all, just announcing & nub guesses

    Hi all I'm a oldie who occasionally pops on here when pregnant which is a lot 😂 This is my 7th baby for those who don't remember me & im 13 weeks pregnant today, I had a scan on Friday which was fine, then today woke up with a lot of bleeding being as it's bank hol my hosp don't scan, this is my 4th bleed this pregnancy, So payed privatley and all is well, but the nub has divided alot of people?, nub experts what's your guesses?

    Mummy To 6 beautiful children 💙💗

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    Also 13 weeks here too
    That nub is confusing ... Iím going to go with girl, though

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    Iím gonna go with boy!

    m/c @ 6wks May'08

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