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Thread: TWW

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    Looks like Im in the tww. Dh and I got slightly too carried away on Sunday 😳 2 days before ovulation 🙈 seriously at our age (both in our 30s) youd think wed have more sense 😂 anyway well just have to see what happens.

    We have 3 kids 6,5 & 2.5. Ive been wanting no.4 for a good while now but had hoped it would be at least next year!! I booked flights to Paris 2wks ago for us to head to Disney just before Christmas. It would just be my luck that Id end up pregnant 🤦🏼*♀️

    Hopefully I can hold off from testing until af is due.

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    I think we have all been there at some point! Good luck with whatever outcome you want

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    Thanks Amber x

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    Good luck! X

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    Thanks Kiko x

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    Good luck!

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    Thanks Simmi

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    Is it time to test yet? I do like a good old line spot

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    I think tomorrow Im 10dpo. I am getting so anxious now 😳

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    I dont know how you have held out so long

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    Im trying to not think about it as I get so stressed that well need a bigger car 😰

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    My anxiety got the better of me and I decided to test at 12am 😳 there was definitely a line there. Went downstairs to show dh and he said there was definitely a line but that it was probably a shadow and meant nothing 🙄 hes had a few drinks tonight so well sre what he says in the morning!!

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    Did you take a pic??

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    No but I think Ill do another one when I get up. Ive barely slept all night, Im just so anxious.

    I worry far too much about everything 🙈

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    Can you post a photo? I think its always scary, adding to your family. But once they arrive, it changes. Anything youre worried about Im sure can be worked through

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