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    + test after missed miscarriage

    Hi first post and looking for info please.

    I had a missed miscarriage recently, Was found at my 11 week scan. Baby stopped growing at 10wks 5days. Had medical management on the 20th feb.

    Today I did a pg test, As instructed by the doctor at the hospital and it's positive still. I've been passing stringy/mucus type matter almost daily however this is only on wiping. Very little is left on the pad.

    So I guess I'm asking, what is the chance of the positive test being due to retained tissue? Or is it likely just because of hormones. Has anyone else had a miscarriage this far along if so how long did it take for your hormones to get back to normal?

    Thanks for any info you can offer.

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    Here is the test I did today 2 weeks post miscarriage.

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    Hi Hun
    I was in the same boat a couple of years ago. Missed miscarriage only spotted on my 12 week scan and babys heart had only stopped within days of scan

    I had the surgical procedure rather than medical management as I have had that with a previous pregnancy and I struggled with it
    I bled for a good couple of months and had a post-op infection with mine. There wasn't much they could do other than offer antibiotics and assure me that everthing left would come away in time but they asked me to keep in touch with them just in case

    in both cases medical or surgical they check what has come away and make sure they account for everything being there so I wouldn't worry about anything being left but at the same time keep in touch with your GP let them know you're still losing blood/mucus etc and tell them about your positve tests
    they may just arrange a quick scan for you to make sure everything looks healthy
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