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Thread: Anyone experiance of sterilisation during c section?

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    Anyone experiance of sterilisation during c section?

    So I've had 4 natural births which have had 1 3rd degree tear and 3 2nd degree tears, all needing stitching.

    This time I want to have a c section for several reasons : I have 3 children one with ASD so need to arrange childcare
    My Labour's are fast, last one was an hour. I don't have time to wait for childcare to arrive.
    I want to be sterilised during it so no more babies!

    My natural labour and recovery were no walk in the park. I experianced masses of pain. Being stitched isn t pleasant at all.

    So any experianced of c sections would be great.
    Me-I am 40 DH is 38
    (together 14 years)
    3 Boy's
    Nat BFP 17 yr old (was a twin pregnancy, lost one baby at 11 weeks)
    3 MC's (8wks, 5wks, 5wks) MC tests normal
    ICSI born 2013 (was a twin pregnancy, lost at 8 weeks) BF baby
    Surprise Nat BFP born April 2015 BF baby
    Natural BFP November 2015 but MMC at 10wks January 2016
    Naural BFP May 2016 Rainbow baby boy born 22nd January 2017
    Mummy to 4 beautiful boys xxxx
    Natural bfp cp
    Natural bfp Feb 2018

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    My little boy is 4 weeks old and I had a tubal ligation during my csection.
    he was my fourth and I had sections with them all.
    The recovery isn't easy at times but I tend to do really well after it and have never had any issues with infection or anything.
    My little one was in neonatal intensive careened even with going back and forth I have healed really well.
    Talk to your midwife or consultant.
    I couldn't have any more children even though I would love to...I had severe hyperemesis with my last two pregnancies and with this one I was in hospital from Christmas on drips and he came early at 36 weeks after I contracted c-diff. It was horrendous and so for my family it is good that we are finished but I'm sad st the same time.
    The tubal ligation to a bit longer as I have a lot of scar tissue/adhesions. It took them 1 hour to sort me all out once they got Reuben out. Pain wise I didn't feel it any worse than normal pain after the other csections.
    Hope some of that helps.


    Our beautiful little Hannah was born on Monday 31st October 2011 by C-section...such a lovely blessing!
    Miss Rebekah born on Friday 10th May 2013 by c-section...our little amazing fighter!
    Mr Caleb born on Friday 8th January 2016 by c-section...the perfect wee bundle of blue!

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