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Thread: Introducing myself

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    Introducing myself

    Hi all

    Have been using this site to get lots of good advice over the past few months so thought it was about time to say "hi". I am currently on month 7 of TTC baby number 1. Me and the DH are both 28, non smokers, non drinkers (maybe the occasional 1!), diet could be better but its not awful. My BMI is normal, DH is a little higher than it should be but nothing drastic. We've both been taking pregnare care vitamins for 4 months now and got my DH on maca root supplements within the last couple of weeks. I have very regular (26 day) cycles and use OPKs every month just to make sure I have my OV date right, which it always is! Feel like I am surrounded by babies at the moment (SIL had her second on Friday) - I know 7 months is really not long but the longer we are TTC the more I am worrying. Trying not to!

    One quick question, I've noticed from 1dpo to about 5dpo I have cramps that feel very similar to af cramps. After much googling it sounds like this is normal, but do any of you guys experience this?

    Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all

    Lauren x

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    The cramps, do they feel similar to ovulation pain? Because these can carry on a few days after ovulation happens. Otherwise, yes it's normal and isn't anything to worry about.

    Do you temp? Just I saw you said you're using OPKs to pinpoint ovulation which is fine, but they only tell you you're about to ovulate rather than actually tell you specifically when you ovulated. You can ovulate anything up to three days after a positive but within two days is far more common.

    Seven months I know feels like ages but it isn't given you're ages. I think the advice is get checked out after a year or so if you haven't conceived. But if it's stressing you out there isn't any reason why you can't ask for some basic blood tests to check on your hormone levels and a pelvic scan to make sure there isn't anything getting in the way. I would think they'd do that.
    It may be worth starting to temp for a few cycles just so you have a really good idea of what your cycles are like, or confirm what you already think they are at least. If you were to be referred anywhere later on then showing your charts can be helpful. It's unlikely you will need to be referred anywhere though, you're both healthy and doing what you should be doing so I think you will probably conceive soon.
    There are various supplements that could help as you know, as you already have your OH on maca. But things like evening primrose oil can help balance or keep hormones balanced and encourage fertile cm, extra B vitamins help too, extra vitamin E can help thicken your lining, royal jelly is meant to be good but I can't remember why eating things like nuts and seeds are good, probiotic yoghurt ... there are loads of things.
    Just so you know, there's been quite a few people on here recently who are fakes so if you find odd replies to your thread just ignore them and report them

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    Hi thanks so much for your reply. I get these pains around ovulation every month so sounds like it is normal. I dont temp although have read lots about it. It cant hurt to try for a few months just to check I am ovulating when I think I am! Thank you too for the tips about supplements, will try those too

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    I have a million and one suggestions if you ever require them lol I have had to do a LOT of research myself after having quite a few issues, and my doctor is hardly ever about so I took it upon myself to do the work.
    For me ovulation pains start centrally, then move to whichever side I'm ovulating from. They can vary from mild pains to really painful and can last days. But it's quite normal to feel it. I think what you feel before is the egg maturing and getting ready to be released, then ovulation and then sometimes after you still feel it but it usually disappears after a few days. Sometimes you can feel implantation, or what would appear to be so anyway given the timing of when people say they have these pains/cramps/twinges/pulling sensations ... it's described in a multitude of ways.
    Is your OH taking a supplement too? Almonds and zinc are good for sperm.
    Also, in TCM they believe keeping your feet and uterus warm are essential.
    You could also try fertility yoga which is meant to be good, it increases blood flow to the uterus

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    I hope it happens for you soon

    Agree with Amber, 7 months isn't all that long though I know from personal experience that it can feel like an age.....and the worry, it's terrible. I had trouble when I was ttc my 4th little girl, I was a fair bit older than you even then, but it took me 2 years to have her in total.

    One thing that I swear helped me was Omega 3 fish body oil. You need to make sure it doesn't contain any cod liver oil as that has high levels of vitamin A and that's not good for developing babies. A friend of mine suggested it because I'd had a miscarriage, it's supposed to help with egg quality (she had a healthy baby after 2 mcs) and I took it before conceiving my 4th and 5th daughters so convinced it worked for me. Also vitamin B6, royal jelly.

    I also did self fertility massage and had some sessions of acupuncture (though expensive).

    I think the thing that helped me the most though was simply positive thinking. In all those early months of ttc when it just wasn't happening, I started to give up, to believe that it wouldn't, I was in a bad place. I had some tests and after those I conceived but then had the mc, I was so down but about six months down the line I started to be more positive - my parents came back to live in this country after 16 years in Spain and that made me really happy, I came out of the depression, I guess I started looking after myself more, eating better, getting more sleep etc.... I started to believe that it could happen, and indeed it did xx
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    Yeah I think actively trying can start out like a fun adventure when you haven't done it before but after a while it can become really stressful.
    Drinking plenty is essential too, I don't mean wine lol

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    Thanks ladies for your replies. AF arrived on Thursday so didn't happen again this month. I am sure everything is ok but you are right, the worry that it's never going to happen is awful

    I have taken your advice and starting charting temp from this month. Have also got some Royal Jelly and will also get some omega 3 fish oil.

    Thinking positive!!

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    Thank you Amber. I wondered if I could ask for some further advice as you seem to be a fountain of knowledge! Also, apologies if TMI but I feel like I am losing my mind slightly.

    My last period ended on Sunday. I usually have two full days of proper bleeding followed by a couple of days of light blood/brown discharge, which was the case this time around. However, since the "end" of my period on Sunday I have been having brown discharge, usually more in the morning. I havent been worried as understand this is normal and just old blood clearing out. However, it has not got any better and is in fact heavier today accompanied by cramps (I actually feel like I am on my period!). Ovulation is not due until Tuesday. I have started using OPKs to make sure ovulation hasnt come really early and no LH surge yet.

    Is this normal and if so what could be the reason? I have never experienced this before and always have very regular and the same type of periods.

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    Update - still experiencing brown discharge everyday (been 8 days since my period now). Did an OPK test on Friday which was positive. Been testing everyday since then and this morning OPK still showed positive. This has never happened to me before and I have no idea what my body is doing!

    Could it be repeated attempts to release an egg?

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    Hiya Lauren,

    Have you tried a pregnancy test? It sounds a bit strange if it doesn't normally happen but one can have discharge or spotting in early pregnancy (I did and it went on for three weeks though late first tri) . Also opks can be positive if one is pregnant, that happened to me.
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    I'd try a pregnancy test too
    Brown discharge and positive opks- I had this when pregnant
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    Thanks both. I did a pregnancy test and it was negative. The brown spotting stopped about a week ago and my period started today, a whole week early (so I have only had a 20 day cycle this month). All very odd never had a month where things have been so irregular like this. Just hope things settle down and go back to normal

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    I am so sorry, don't give up. I wish your dreams come true x
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