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Thread: long shot! anyone still on here from 2013/14

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    long shot! anyone still on here from 2013/14

    I was on here aaaages ago when pregnant with my daughter and name then was Aimeedoodles I wonder if any of you are still on here? would be nice!
    anyway.. Hellooooo! Loads has happened since those days
    currently 15 weeks pregnant with my third! (oh god what am I thinking?!) separated from the kids dad for just over 2 years now but have an amazing partner!

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    I feel like I remember that username but it'd be a hell of a job going through my posting history to check! I haven't made a new post in years but I was active for a while after losing my little girl in 2011. I think before today my last reply was in like 2014 or something. But congratulations!! Best of luck darling! x

    Beautiful Baby Girl Alice - Lost at 14 Weeks on 9th December 2011. Always in my heart Little One.

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