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Thread: Reintroduction!

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    Hola, I'm diamond.

    I've nested here before with my first baby, then second and now having number 3 - a lot has changed in 4 years since I had my last, to thought I'd best come back and find out all the new pregnancy related NHS hoo har.

    It's literally taken me a month to refind this site after accidentally joining the "other" one... I thought the site had gone very quite until my phone redirected me here and I had an AH HA moment hahaha.

    Rambling to myself again, anyway.

    Hi! And thanks for still being here

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    I was on here 4/5 years ago, I had a different name then (aimeedoodles)
    I did the same thing hahaha! I was searching for my birth stories for aaaaaages wondering why I couldn't find them lol! getting all cross because they'd been deleted!
    I'm also having number 3! congrats! x

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    Hello welcome back! Nice to see you online :-)

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    Hello and welcome

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