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Thread: OPK testing even after positive LH surge detected?

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    OPK testing even after positive LH surge detected?

    Could you take your usual OPK test daily even after a positive reading to get an understanding on when ovulation occured? Say you took an OPK day 16 and it was your first positive of the month.. could you take the OPK again day 17,18 and on and on until a negative reading and pin point ovulation that way? Would it work?

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    Nope. The thing is, they don't tell you you ovulated. They tell you when your lh surge is, which indicates you're probably about to ovulate soon after. So, once they go negative that doesn't mean you ovulated between the positive and the negative, it just means your lh surge is over and you have ovulated or are about to ovulate. Only temping can confirm ovulation at home

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