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Thread: 🌺🌼June/July 2018 Mummies🌻🌸

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    🌺🌼June/July 2018 Mummies🌻🌸

    Welcome to the tri 2 thread!

    Due dates:

    Spritzers: 10/06/18
    lol: 11/06/18
    Kita: 18/06/18
    xAlx: 23/06/18
    Azure: 30/06/18
    Kbean: 02/07/18
    Bain2010: 09/07/18
    Mrsc1983: 20/07/18
    Zebrastripes: 25/07/18
    Mummys5boys: 27/07/18
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    Is anyone else feeling movement? This one started to kick on Christmas Eve and I feel them a few times a day now

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    I think I felt the baby this week. Felt like proper little pokes. Only when Iím curled up though. Made me jump so not sure if itís kicks or not! So hard to say.

    Omg Iím so fed up of sickness now, and the tiredness. Was in bed and asleep by 7pm last Friday nights are so wild. I may talk to my MW about the sickness, I know itís perfectly normal to still be experiencing sickness at 16 weeks but itís really getting me down. I love my MW, she has been with me through all my pregnancies but she is so laid back I donít think she will say or suggest much. When I was 39 weeks with my last pregnancy I was measuring 32 having measured only a week behind most of the pregnancy and she just screwed the tape up and threw it over her SIL went for her 39 week appointment recently and was measuring 36 and was sent for a growth scan Ďto be on the safe sideí. Obv my baby was fine and I didnít mind not being sent for a growth scan, just shows how laid back my MW is!

    Also, I was naughty yesterday and had steak. I was out for lunch and didnít fancy anything else, had it medium rare so a bit pink. Usually I like it practically mooing! Is it bad I donít feel guilty?

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    I have been feeling some but not felt any for a day or 2. Had the MH midwife come out yesterday morning and she listened to baby again she thinks my placenta might be at the front babyís heart beat was 140 though so all looking good. Iím just worried about these low PAPP-A results. Midwife said it could just mean a small baby but Iíve been on dr google and read allsorts my anxiety is through the roof at the minute Iím debating if I should go to the drs for medication. X

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    Have you been referred for consultant care Alx? If it was a serious problem they would have called? I understand the anxiety though. Hopefully everything will be fine :hug:

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    No not yet. They want to do scans every 4 weeks from 20 weeks so Iím guessing they will check size and stuff then decide if I need to be seen by a consultant. Iíve read some stories online about the placenta stopping working from 20+ weeks so Iím wondering if thats why they are starting the extra growth scans then. X

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    Iím here tomoro not been having a great time, my life has turned upside down in one day,

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    Myself and my husband had a disagreement between xmas and new year, which resulted in him being arrested for serious assault as I needed 7 stitches, he was bailed and not allowed back near the family home until trial which can take up to 12 months, social workers were notified by police because kids where in the house, my whole word has fallen apart it really has, this isnít like my husband who suffers from depressions and I notice his moods change when he doesnít take his medication, I donít want my marriage to be over and itís so hard because I canít even talk to him, I donít excuse what he did but this pregnancy was a massive shock, because I have morning sickness I called in sick to work one day and they removed all my allocated shifts for the rest of last year because I work bank, I just donít know which way to turn and if social work will say that me and my husband must divorce through this, Iím gutted, canít even think about the pregnancy, I have a scan on Monday

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    Azure, I measured smaller with both of my previous pregnancies. I was sent for a growth scan with the second, but they were both average sized, so I wonít be so worried if itís the same this time around. I hear you on the sickness! Iím 18.5 weeks and Iíve vomited 5 times today 🤢

    xAlx I also had an anterior placenta in my last pregnancy and it did cushion a lot of his movements. Do speak to your MW or doctor if you think the anxiety is becoming a problem. Iíve also been there and take medication for it x

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    Mummys5boys, Iím so sorry to hear what youíre going through. Perhaps the social will take his diagnosis into consideration and ask that he attends anger management or something? And Iím sure a break will do you both good.

    I suffer from depression and anxiety and I know myself that when I miss my medication for a few days, I have the most horrendous mood swings. Iíve never hurt anyone, but Iím an extremely patient and passive person usually, so it does take a lot for me to get to that point. Violence is never ok, but I can understand the uncertainty you have about the situation and Iím hoping for the best outcome for you and your family, whatever that is. Do take all the support you can. Itís rough being sick, pregnant and a parent without all of this stress! xx

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    Mummys5boys, sorry to hear of your troubles. I donít think you can be forced into divorce to be honest, SS will be there to support you and your family whatever you decide to do. Mental health issues can be so awful but itís possible to get a lot better even when things seem at their worst. When I was really bad I was awful to my husband, unfaithful and physically abusive but we got through it and we are stronger than ever now. Accept all the help you can, things will get better.

    Lol, I donít think I will be measuring small this time Iím massive for only 16 weeks and the baby is supposed to be having a growth spurt soon. Will see if I get measured on Wednesday. Need to get some maternity clothes for daytime, only have maternity pyjamas (which I would live in if I could )

    Zebra I tend to be the same with pregnancy restrictions, I really donít feel guilty about the steak the only thing I do follow strictly is the no alcohol rule. Been having more caffeine than Ďrecommendedí. I donít drink coffee so itís just tea and green tea. Just trying not to go mad as hard as it is sometimes!

    How is everyone else doing? Glad your scan went well MrsC! (Canít remember if Iíve already said!)

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    Also, Mummys5boys I work on the bank as well and itís so difficult. We havenít been doing so well financially until recently when we did a savvy remortgage and my husband got was awful. I couldnít work because of my bleeding and the sickness and the guilt I felt from that was awful. There are lots of advantages to bank work, especially as a Mum, but zero security. Iíve done this for nearly 8 years and Iíve decided to find another job whilst on maternity leave.

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    Thanks ladies, Iím just worried sick, itís so hard because bail conditions means husband canít even speak to me so I donít even know what he wants for the future, I have been told to apply for housing from social services, they r meeting with my husband on Tuesday to speak with him, he is allowed to start seeing the kids supervised by my sister thatís the only positive that I have, I do love him and I have been 100% honest that we have had some problems and also faced a lot of stresses lately, a multi agency meeting took place on Friday and they want a further investigation done, the trauma they r putting me and the kids through is devastating but I know the kids safety is paramount, everything I read on the internet basically says they can make recommendations that you need to be seen to uphold and if that means husband and I havenít to stay together then I do think o can be forced into this, in the meantime I have had to apply for benefits as I now have zero income coming in and my husband is now being forced to pay our mortgage and the bills and rent a flat for himself, he just canít afford all of that especially is this case can go on for a year, I just want to sleep and waken up and all is ok

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    Iím sorry to hear your going through this. X

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