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Thread: 9 year olds birthday

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    9 year olds birthday

    my daughter is 9 on 13th jan shes not having a party can anyone suggest waht we could do also what presents we cold buy as she doesent know what she wants im so stuck xx

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    My son is 9 on the 14th.. All he wants is to go to KFC as he's never been. I've suggested he chooses a couple of friends to take to the cinema then KFC afterwards.

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    My daughter is 9 on the 9th. I know she would like a big party really but she's a good girl and realistic of my situation. She's asked to take one friend to Bounce (trampoline Park) I'll probably get her some Jacqueline Wilson books and LOL dolls.

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    its so hard it being after xmas think were going to go to cinemaa then macdonalds xx

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    My dd is 10 on the 8th, it’s so hard just after Christmas knowing what to get them this year she’s had £50 to spend in the next sale and what she really wanted which was for me to take her and 3 friends to wet n wild so that’s what we are doing Sunday and will take them to McDonald’s after. Sometimes I feel I overcompensate because I feel guilty that her birthdays just after Christmas I keep finding myself looking at second hand bikes to get her one of them too.

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    My DD is 9 tomorrow! She's had her ears pierced today for her birthday present (we've got her some books and bits and pieces too but nothing very exciting!). We've told her no party this year but we are going to the trampoline park for a bounce with a couple of her friends from school and then it'll just be home and family time in the afternoon.

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