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Thread: Holiday with New Born

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    Holiday with New Born

    Hi All,

    When we was in Spain (Gran Canaria) this year we all had such a fab time we booked for next year while we was there. Now I am 10 weeks pregnant and when we have booked to go baby will be around 6 weeks (obs depending on when it decided to arrive).

    What are your thoughts on taking a baby this small abroad? I am in 2 minds about it all, I don't want my older ones missing out on a holiday during the 6 weeks. We have already paid 800 out for this holiday and also don't want to lose this kind of money either....

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreiciated


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    The younger they are the easier I find it lol
    Evie Mae - born 20/12/2009, 7lbs 9.5ozs, 41+4 Weeks

    Sophie Daisy - born 28/01/2012, 7lbs, 39+3 Weeks

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    I agree, the younger the easier. They just feed and sleep all the time. We went abroud to visit family when youngest was 3 month so old and with the heat she just slept all the time. It'd just be getting a passport that you might have issues with, depending if there's a backlog in the summer like there was a few years back. But I think with both of mine it only took 2 weeks to get it back and last year a renewed mine and it was back within a week

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    I suppose my main concern is the heat as this year it was late 30s early 40s temp wise and that baby wouldnt have had any jabs!!

    I wont make a decision until i have my birth choice meeting as could be put in for a section due to having a TVT operation in march

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