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Thread: Asthma/croup/fear of coughing

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    Asthma/croup/fear of coughing

    Hi all

    I don't post a lot but I need to get this down.

    James (now 3) has asthma which doctors believe was caused by contracting Bronchiolitis at 3 months old. Since the day he caught bronchiolitis coughs in my kids have always made me very nervy. Nobody listened to me when I said there was something wrong with James, even his own dad. I was paranoid, it seems worse than it is. Finally someone listened that he needed help, when his sats were low and he wouldn't feed. Four doctors that took though. He had a two night stay in hospital and came home two days before Xmas.

    At 15 months James was blue lighted to hospital with croup as he was struggling to breathe, we spent a day in there.

    last year at just over 2 again he caught croup but thankfully with steroids we avoided hospital.

    james has croup again at the moment, and yesterday I honestly thought he was about to die in my arms. I took him to the doctor at 7:30 am who gave me antibiotics, if he got worse to go to a and e. He did get worse so I took him, while waiting to be seen James 'crashed' his temp hit 40.2 his sats were at 94 and his heart rate was 155. He was taken into resus, I had to strip him, he had calpol ibuprofen steroids and something else and two nebulisers. It was taking everything he had to breathe. I asked if his airways were going to shut down completely and was told 'they shouldn't do but we can't guarantee it'

    two hours later, he was bouncing around eating McDonald's thank goodness but it was the scariest moment of my life. This has done nothing for my fear of coughs.

    Please someone tell me this gets better as he gets older 😢
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    I could have written that myself! My eldest was 4 weeks prem, at 10 days old blue lighted to hospital (been home hours) with Bronchiolitis ie RSV. Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Fast forward 6 years, untold times in hospital with croup, stridor, chest infections. I honestly believe that poor start with RSV set him up for years of infections. Every winter he was plagued with croup/Stridor (what you have described is stridor, can’t breathe with croup needing steroids in hospital, don’t let drs fob you off with croup! ). At one point we had steroids at home just in case! Sorry to say, but your sons story sounds very familar to mine. Maybe be prepared for that

    It does get better though! It wasn’t until 7/8 years old that we could go a winter without croup of any various infection. He’s 10 now, and this is the 3rd year clear funny enough, I have two other sons. 1 has had croup once and the other never. Honestly think RSV (Bronchiolitis) makes them prone to any respiratory problem going!
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    I have asthma and that has made me scared of coughs. So I sort of know how you feel. It is so very scary.

    Will the doctors let you keep steroids at home? I know some do.

    Good to see that thereís light at the end of the tunnel from misslarue.

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    If itís reoccurring the dr should let you keep steroids at home. They did with us saves a trip to a and e in the middle of the night. Also fresh night air is great for calming down breathing with croup x

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