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Thread: Anyone taking Cyclizine?

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    Anyone taking Cyclizine?

    Called doc today and hes prescribing them for my Morning sickness is anyone else on them and do they help?

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    Thanks I will give these ago, I just dont know how I can be at work for 3 full days over this weekend when all I have done is lie on the sofa be sick and have nausea constantly, really hoping these help

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    Poor you, it is awful being so ill.
    I have hyperemesis too and am now 31 weeks pregnant and no medication will work for me because the one that does, well it completely wipes me out and I can't look after my other small kiddies (6,4 and almost 2) so I am struggling so much with it.
    See your doctor and as zebra stripes said, perhaps you need signed off work for a while until you get a medication that works better for you xx

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