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Thread: Smear test help

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    Smear test help

    Hi everyone

    ive just had a smear test done 3the 3rd in 3 years each has shown normal cells but a positive result for hpv.

    ive now been referred for a colposcopy. Had this happened to anyone else?im worried sick and my gp couldn't really help just said to wait and have the colp.
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    I donít have any advice re the hpv but try Joís trust they are very helpful. They helped me out when I had CIN3 abnormal cells. They have lots of information about hpv x

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    The colposcopy is just like a magnified smear- so the dr can see any changes to cells. They may take another smear or a biopsy.
    i was never told if I had hpv but I had cin3 and had laser treatment.
    as hpv is the leading cause of cervical cell check they'll just want to keep close wy

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