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Thread: Miscarriage - Help, what do I do???

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    Miscarriage - Help, what do I do???

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    Hiya, Really sorry this happened to you and wish I'd seen it before (I don't come on here much now). Any advice I may have is probably useless now because it was over a month ago, I hope you're okay though xx
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    Hey! i am so sorry that you had to go through that. miscarriage is such a difficult thing to go through all on its own, but pair it with complications like this? i cant imagine how pained and sad you must have felt. i hope that you are feeling better now, and just know that if you feel like you are unwell, and something isnt right, you have the right to go to the doctor who treated you at the time of the miscarriage and demand answers. i hope that you feel better soon, and i hope that messages on his forum give you atleast a little bit of comfort that you are not alone in your struggle. take lots of care!

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    Hi, I saw your post and it made me remind my miscarriage. I had an accident and lost my baby then, it was the most dreadful period of my life and I am still trying to cope up with the loss. I lost so much blood after it and I used to faint a lot. The worst part is I canít conceive now because my blood levels are always low and so is my weight. You should definitely change your gynecologist because you need a proper assistance in this case. You canít just leave it like this because the conditions will only worsen instead of getting better. Take care of your diet and consume more and more iron-rich foods. All my best wishes are with you beautiful.

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