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Thread: Miscarriage - Help, what do I do???

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    Miscarriage - Help, what do I do???

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    Basically I've been bleeding for 2 weeks. Got sent for a scan last weds where they saw an embryo with a heartbeat but dated me back 2-3 weeks from lmp. They didn't seem concerned and let me go without seeing a doctor. Pain been getting worse and worse since. Called epu a couple of times and told to go gp. Gp said sounded like a UTI but didn't even check urine and just sent me away with antibiotics.

    Called again yesterday as pain and bleeding still increasing and as soon as I mentioned my name they knew I had called a couple of times prior. Was told they wouldnt scan me as had one less than a week ago but I could go and sit and wait for them to do a speculum but nothing more. Didn't go as was late in day and daughter due back from school.

    Pain and bleeding has continued to increase almost into contractions last night. I was up all last night in bathroom in a lot of pain and losing huge clots (I think I lost the sac prior to this - felt something and when I checked it was there on the pad and white and grey?)

    Called epu this morning and gave my name and was told someone will call me back. It's been 3 hours since I called and said about the clots, I've chased up and as soon as I gave my name I was told I just have to wait until they have time to contact me.

    I don't know what I need to do? Who else can I see? Do I need to be seen by anyone? I'm bleeding like a period now, but haven't lost any further major clots since 8.30 so hoping most has passed now, but paracetamol isn't helping with the pains. I feel so let down by the NHS and have no idea what I'm supposed to do? Do I just sit and wait and ride it out til they bother to contact me?

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    Hiya, Really sorry this happened to you and wish I'd seen it before (I don't come on here much now). Any advice I may have is probably useless now because it was over a month ago, I hope you're okay though xx
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