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Thread: Late but negative

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    Late but negative

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    So I always have normal 28 day cycle and was due on sun but still no show of Af, IC all negative no real symptoms,
    Anyone elseís body ever play tricks on them?

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    It's possible you're just having a random cycle where you ovulated later. Do you track ovulation with temping? The most common reason for a late period are late ovulation, pregnancy, stress or a huge change in diet/exercise/weight.
    It's less likely your luteal phase has randomly altered its length, more likely your follicular phase altered.
    Could also be late implantation, sometimes it doesn't happen until 13dpo, and a hpt won't detect hCG for at least two to four days after this happens and it can take quite a few days to implant fully, so it could also be this. If you don't see af in a few days retest, if it's still negative but no sign of af arriving, perhaps ask for a beta in case your tests aren't liking your pee. Also ICs aren't always reliable. They usually are, but sometimes you get a random batch which are rubbish. If you look at reviews on Amazon there are quite a few where they had negative ICs but positives on more expensive brands, so it's worth trying out a different brand of test too, but I would use a pink dye rather than blue

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    I had cm with a smear of blood 6 days ago but no symptoms n Iím sure a test would have shown positive by now, will put it down to stress n will why a better test at the weekend if AF stays away

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    Smear was on cycle day 25 n now today is 31, roughly I think I ovulated between 13-16 but wasnít tempting or testing

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    Late but negative

    Are you definite on when you ovulated?
    If blood was from implantation then bear in mind it can take at least five days sometimes longer, to implant fully so a test may not show anything yet. Most of the time implantation seems to happen a little faster than this, otherwise there wouldn't be women seeing positives early, but I wouldn't rule pregnancy out yet.

    Ah right, could be later ovulation then. Isn't unheard of and is usually the reason for a 'late' period with no positive test, but also this doesn't mean you won't see a positive, it just means you probably ovulated later than you thought which means a test would show later or your period would be later than expected

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    Thanks I will wait a few more days and Af will no doubt arrive

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    Well, I usually have periods on every 30th day but sometimes and its sometimes after BD to as well haha that my periods start to delay. I'm not sure whether I'm ovulating properly or not but let's see but you see that seems to be the whole point because we all have different bodies and they react differently to the same treatment. There is a huge possibility that you could just be over ovulating though. In most cases, though the tests are correct they don't even have that much high a success rate. Try having multiple tests may be that helps.I'm really curious about this please we need an update on this. This has been the case so many times its surprising to see there aren't any proper about this on any forums. Really want to get down to the problem.Keep track of your diet though, Some foods can cause problems and delay periods as well in fact diet is like the key factor that determines what goes inside our body so I would really suggest you consulting a dietician for it. Try going on a low carb diet and see if it helps. Take care and please this needs an update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by girly2007 View Post
    Any updates to this? Xx
    I'm pretty sure she's pregnant, I remember reading it elsewhere on the forum though apologies if I'm wrong......very jel, I want a baby number 6
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