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Thread: Paternity leave

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    Paternity leave

    My wife is expecting March 9th.

    I was going to take a weeks holiday from work. But then if the baby is early or late then it sort of defeats the object.

    If I took paternity leave, does it come of your annual leave, or is it separate. Also I know you don't get full pay, just wondered how much I would lose from taking paternity leave, as if I took it is take the two weeks in one go.
    If I was to ask for it to start March 9th and baby came early, I'm guessing your allowed to change the start date. Or would that be up to the employer.

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    My husband took holiday both times for my kids. His employer with my first was happy for him to ring in the day everything kicked off & say my holiday is starting now
    My second, I had a scheduled c-section so that made things easier. But his current (new) employer was happy for him to do the same.
    Your paternity leave would start when your oh goes into labour (I would assume) Im pretty sure its also separate from your annual leave too.

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    My OH took 2 weeks paternity leave from when I went into labour. His was full paid but it depends on employer. However next baby he is only taking 1 week as he is now self employed so 2 weeks unpaid is a bit rubbish.

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