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Thread: Medical management of miscarriage.

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    Medical management of miscarriage.

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    I am booked to go in tomorrow for my pessaries.
    What am i to expect :,(
    Any experiences willing to share?
    I'll be 9 and a half weeks.


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    So sorry for your loss pancake I had medical management in march. I was 7 weeks (I have had another loss since) I had the pessaries and was sent home. It happens quite quickly and you get cramps then the pregnancy passes. Nearly pain free after that point but it's not nice in the run up in my experience . Be kind to yourself, stock up on painkillers and have a hot water bottle Hun. I am so sorry you are going through this xx

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    I'm very sorry to read Pancake, I remember you from when I was ttc etc. I had a natural miscarriage at 10 weeks back in 2011, it was pretty similar to how Raina describes above. It wasn't horrendously painful, like mild contractions I'd say, watch out for very heavy bleeding because I had that and had to have an emergency d&c but what happened to me is quite unusual. Yes be kind to yourself, all the very best xx
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    Hey pancake I remember you from when I was TTc with my daughter. Iíve had four miscarriages and I have had the pesceries which I will be honest I found quite painful. Like the other lady said the run up isnít nice but you will get through it. Painkillers and a hot water bottle does help. Let me know how you get on thinking of you xxx

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    Kelly30 -I am sorry, have you considered doing karyotyping or PGS NGS?

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