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Thread: My toilet policy

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    My toilet policy

    Would you have a problem with a teacher not allowing children to go to the toilets during class. I teach year 6 and never let them go.

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    If you are the same fruit loop from last time you need some serious help. What the freaking hell is with your obsession with kids and toilets? Actually, don't even attempt to answer that.

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    No not the same person. I was just looking for advice as I had a parent complain as I made her daughter wait all afternoon. She had just had lunch.

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    You should let her go, 1at a time rule.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RetroTrex View Post
    You should let her go, 1at a time rule.
    I have always had the same rule and never had a problem. I don't honestly think it is too much to ask 10 year olds to manage their toilet needs around lesson times.

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    Only joined PF today and same topic as the last person who joined. Perhaps this IP address of this person and that person should be looked into and maybe banned if the same? Bit weird here.....

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    Please get a hobby or something.

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