My DS has had trouble sleeping through the night forever basically, he's now 3.5 and often wakes between 12 and 2am wanting us to go in bed with him. The odd thing is though, quite often he can not keep still and kicks and moves his legs around all night. I only today linked this with his inability to keep still at all during the day (for example when he sits down to eat, he really can not stop fidgetting constantly and changing his leg position).

Has anyone else experienced this? I just googled and restless legs syndrome came up but I don't want to believe the firsat thing I read and wondered if anyone else is experiencing this behaviour with their child? Looking back, the restless signs have been there for quite some time. Once I thought it could be linked to gut issues/constipation, which he suffers from quite frequently.

Any other ideas? It may also be linked to low iron, is there a safe iron supplement or multivit for his age group that includes iron?