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Thread: Christmas 2017 *shocked face*

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    Christmas 2017 *shocked face*

    Despite not quite believing it, once again Christmas is fast approaching

    I've officially started my shopping now, I'm intending on being as frugal as I can with people that aren't Logan 😂

    I decided to save through Park vouchers this year, so I'm waiting on those being delivered which I will use for the bulk of his stuff and I'm rather excited!

    Anyone else starting to think about the festivities yet? 🎅 🎄 📦 🌨
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    Um, I'm just looking at getting through Xmas 2017 before I even contemplate 2018
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    I'm getting very much ahead of myself evidently 😂😂

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    Yep I've got quite a few of my daughters Christmas presents lol I love Christmas xx

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    Yep I've got a couple of things and tomorrow I am going to toys r us to get both the boys presents ordered on lay by! It's fab, you pay a 20% deposit and a 5 admin fee and then you have up to 12 weeks to pay it off

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    I am SO excited for Xmas this year. First one as parents.

    I've ordered a couple of toys & books for dd. Have a budget for her to stick to, and also a budget for some stocking bits. Got her some Xmas pjs for her Xmas box. Also a personalised stocking and a little personalised plate for Santa. Havent thought about getting anyone else's gifts yet. Won't go mad on her as she will only be 9 months old and want more books or puzzles than toys.

    We're going to Center Parcs end of November this year and they have the xmas winter wonderland all out from 6th November so it will be really festive. They have reindeer and we have booked to see Santa for dd first ever visit to santa. She will be 8 months old so not have a clue but me and my oh are very excited.

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    I cant wait for Christmas. First one in our new home and soooo much more room so can go nuts with decorating.

    Already had 99% of Chloe's presents by July as hit sales during year. Just need her present from Santa (waiting for the Santa visits to ensure she asks for same thing hehe).

    Present to ourselves should be a new (and expensive!) kitchen before end of year...woop!

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    Ive started buying a few bits but really need to get sorted. Ordered kasper a brilliant play road and some wooden cars to go on it. I want to get him a grimms rainbow too from santa so ordering that when I get paid.

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    I have bought a couple of bits already which is a good job I did because they have sold them all already and not getting in more stock.

    I am not going to spend a fortune this year.

    Tempted to say to adults that we just buy for the kids cause it is silly as no one knows what to buy for anyone else and/or don't need anything so we always end up buying something that is rubbish really and sits on a shelf/in a cupboard or goes to the charity shop but I am not sure how to broach that with everyone!

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    Waiting for my vouchers from park too...due next month.

    Got his birthday first though so can focus once thatsdone with!

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    Jax I tried that last year, and it went down like I lead balloon with OHs family

    My park vouchers arrived today and I am so excited! Just in time for the smyths sale apparently, will have to make a point of going out this weekend to see if I can get any bargains.

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    i keep getting bits but im stuck what to get a 10 year old girl and a nearly 9 year old girl does anyone have any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mumand2girls View Post
    i keep getting bits but im stuck what to get a 10 year old girl and a nearly 9 year old girl does anyone have any ideas?
    I got one of these for my 10 year old birthday this year:

    last year for xmas (9 1/2 yrs old), she'd asked for make up so got her this:

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    What about tickets to something? I took mine to see the touring Mama Mia as it came to the theatre near us in March. They loved it!
    A pass to visit somewhere?

    I'm trying a minimalist Christmas this year. For the kids too. Less crap just for the sake of it. They can choose one thing they really want. I'll get them a couple of books each. A couple of items of clothing (new socks type thing) and a ticket to something.
    Going to beg family to not overbuy too.

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    I really need to start shopping. its harder when they get older as they want more expensive things. Also what age do you think a child finds out the truth about you know who?! someone told my eldest last year hes not real and he was outraged ha but did mention it to me to check. I told him some mummies choose not to use father xmas and maybe that's what happened to this boy. He totally brought that and was happy. Hes 10 in jan so what age do you tell them the truth?!!! I'm gutted!! why do they have to grow up so fast!

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