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Thread: Gbbo 2017

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    Gbbo 2017

    Are we watching? Who do we like? Who don't we like? And do we like the new team?

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    Watched it and I loved it! I like a few. Flo, Steven and Liam I liked. And the woman who made the glass house but it went wrong. I liked her too. I think it worked well x

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    Yep really enjoyed it. There are a few I like but I was working at the same time so can't remember their names. At times I thought that prue Leith sounded exactly like Mary berry, she was very natural. I thought that Noel fielding was very polite and contained which was probably down to careful direction and editing. I think that that was deliberate and that we'll see more of his personality as we go on.
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    I watched it and I think it worked really well. Can't remember anyone's name but will definitely keep watching.
    Made me want cake though, and I'm on a 28 day plan (ie no cake allowed!!)

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    I quite enjoyed it too. Loved Flo, Steven & the lady who made the champagne cake.
    I'm really pleased Noel Fielding is toned down in this, his voice overs don't even sound much like him it just seems like Mel, Sue & Mary are off for a few episodes at the moment.
    Pleasantly surprised

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    I just can't believe that useless woman with the black handbag wasn't booted off

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    I think the right person went tonight

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    I don't like the set up with the new team all that much but as it went on I liked it a bit more. Is it Noel doing the narration too? I don't like the narration much at all I have to say. But When he said "looking forward to trying the moist clutch later" lol

    The guy who went was a bit rubbish so it was fair
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    I think it's both Noel & Sandy.
    I lol'd at that bit too

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    I'm glad Chris went last week, he really wasn't good.
    Looking forward to tomorrow's

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    Yep ive been watching! x

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    Some of those breads at the end were hilarious. The squished hedgehog was a fave of mine

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    The snail was
    Sad about who left last night but was the right choice I guess.
    I'm starting to like the lady who made the dragon too

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    Thanks Becky for finding this gem

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