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Thread: My 9 yr old son with asd and adhd and tourettes

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    My 9 yr old son with asd and adhd and tourettes

    As school gets closer, my sons behaviour is getting more and more difficult to manage. His explosive temper is more and more frequent, destroying the house, taking it out on his little brother and sister. Going out is even worse. He throws himself onto the floor in the streets and in shops, and not just in a temper but to play, trying to crawl on his belly, doesn't listen. Doesn't have any danger awareness or anything so constantly running into people, walls, signs.
    He's told us over and over that he doesn't want to go back to school, he said he's going to be ill. He's going into year 5 but his original class is being split up and he's having a new teacher. The more change, the more stressed he gets and I can tell he's really struggling with the thought of going back to school.
    I've tried preparing him since the start of the summer holidays, kept telling him these stories about a boy going back to school and in a new class and new teacher and how everything will be ok.
    I've tried getting him excited over buying new bag and pens and calculator but he says he doesn't want anything and doesn't need anything.
    I don't know what else to do, I'm trying to reassure him all the time that it will be fine, he will have kids he knows in his class and friends and the same teachers for other things.
    He needs help but I don't know how else to help him calm down. My hearts breaking for him, he's not a naughty boy, he just struggles with change, it's frustrating his behaviour when it's like this but I'm more sad for him than anything.
    Any advice guys?
    We are waiting for his statement from the council to come through, he's seen all the experts and they all agree he needs extra help and definitely one to one when he's at school, so when he goes back things will be a lot easier for him but it's just that initial change.

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    Sorry no advice but didn't want to read & run. Hopefully my reply will bump it up. Wishing you both luck x

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