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Thread: Potty training

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    Potty training

    I need a bit of help with my 29mo

    He's potty training. Seems ready. He is pretty reliable with weeing on the potty after just over a week. Forgets when he's tired but generally good.

    He's also dry at night all of a sudden and goes on the potty when he wakes up.

    So all the signs are there that he's ready and he's doing well.

    However he won't poo on the potty. It's like he doesn't realise he's doing it till it's too late. He then gets upset about it because it's in his pants and he doesn't like it. We've talked about poo going on the potty, he understands. Sometimes he sits on the potty saying he will have a poo but then nothing happens.

    I don't really know how to approach it.

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    I've been through this with both girls, it's hard but it won't last forever, I can only advise that you just keep up the conversation with him, keep talking about where poo needs to go and reassuring him. Also praising and rewarding for all attempts to poo on the potty even if unsuccessful. He'll get there! Often poos are the last thing to 'click' in their heads. My eldest was over 3 before she started to use the toilet for poos (we had to put a pullup on her before) and she still has hangups about going at school (not confident wiping still at 6 years!) My second was a lot more laid back about potty training in general but still it took her a while to get the hang of pooing on the loo!

    You'll get there, it's frustrating as a parent to see them struggle but they all do it eventually!

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    Thanks for replying. It's reassuring to know it's not just us.

    I'll just carry on then and hope it clicks. I don't want to make a big deal and make him scared.

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    No wee accidents today. But his daily poo in pants. He did stand next to the potty and finish in the potty after I plonked him on so he's hopefully getting the idea.

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    It's pretty normal. It took j about a month to get poos in the potty (he would hold on to it until it was painful). We had lots of accidents but praise and reward and patience is the key.

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    It's only been two weeks since we started training.

    He's started asking to sit on the potty for a poo more and asks me to sit with him to help, but then he doesn't do anything and then goes in his pants.

    I feel like there's not much I can do or say to help him if he's not getting it he's not getting it.

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    There are some good books out there to help them understand where poo and wee should go to - into the potty

    Have you tried buying a book? We had books aimed at girls so not much help there with a precise recommendation sorry but I know there are loads out there. Lots of pictures etc plus you can tie your rewards into this
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    He understands completely I think he's just not good at telling when it's about to come out? So I guess practice needed?

    However today he did a poo on the potty!! First time! Just told me he needed one and said help me so he made me sit with him and he did it! He was a bit worried but happy with his success.

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    Our daughter is 30 months. She knows to poo and wee in the potty, has done on and off for the past 6 months. However she will not do it regularly. Sometimes she will ask for potty, but normally after the event.
    Even last night after her bath. She was standing in the living room whilst Mummy went to get her pyjamas. And she just stood and weed on the floor! Thank God for laminate flooring!

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    my daughter is 4 and doesnt like to poo on the loo im letting her do it in her own time its totally normal x

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    Well visited a friend's today. Proceeded to tell her how well he'd done the last three days he's pooed in the potty etc. Then I turned around and he'd gone in his pants in her living room! Gahhhhh. But still. He has made some progress. When he did it he was stood by the potty saying he needed a poo but had already gone.

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    aww bless him

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    He did it all by himself at home yesterday. He snuck off upstairs and did it in his bedroom potty and shouted 'mamma come upstairs and look I've done a big poo'. He was so proud bless him.

    Think I'm going to stop asking and prompting him or talking about it at all and let him get on with it.

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    thats excellent

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    Week and a half no accidents and today he poo'd in his pants twice at home?!

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