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Thread: Potty training

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    My daughter struggled with poos - everyone we though we got there, she would have an accident. We did find that if she was teething (for example), she pooped in her knickers, but as soon as the teething passed, she was back on the potty properly. Does he give you any sign he needs to go? If he does, it may be worth encouraging him to sit on the potty and give him a toy or book to distract him and he may be able to go after sitting there a little while - it's the only thing that worked with my daughter!

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    He did it again today. First time on potty then a minute later on the floor too.

    It's interesting you mention teething. He IS teething and has had unsettled nights. That would explain why he was so good then it's started again.

    Hopefully it will pass. He's so stubborn and only goes on the potty when he decides to.

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    Hopefully the teething will settle soon and he will get back to using the potty. I'd never have connected the two together until I searched Google one day to see why she may have gone backwards and it was a suggestion. Fingers crossed it won't be much longer :-)

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    He had two weeks of no accidents almost! Now it seems he can't control it and get his clothes down in time. But I guess his nappies were always worse when teething too!

    Thank you. He just has 3 teeth left to come.

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    I think it's because if they are only recently potty trained, and the teething kicks in again, it's too much for them handle and the teething takes over as such.

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    My son struggles with poos, its even gotten to the point where he'll hide in the corner of the room and poo his pants. Its frustrating but I know he'll get there eventually

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    As a mum of 3 boys, they definitely seem to do it later! All of mine were over 3 when potty trained. We past the potty and straight to the toilet. Have you tired going on the toilet? Mine all hated the potty and took much better straight to the loo

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