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    Is it wrong that I am feeling totally numb? We have 2 older children then after recurrent miscarriages we finally welcomed our youngest 14 months ago.
    Ummed and ahd about a fourth then decided we were happy as is. Had a feeling last week, so tested yesterday and again this morning with 2 very positive tests!
    It's not the end of the world but to say I'm in shock is an understatement.
    Anyone else in here after skipping the ttc and 2ww? I will get my head around it, but for now I'll just lurk in the background x
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    Ah huge congratulations Hun. We went through the tris on our last babies

    Do you know how far along you may be?
    I weren't really trying but not preventing on this baby, found out when my youngest was 6 months and having my c section next week for my 4th! Xxx

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    I was in the same position just before Xmas. Really didn't want another baby so close to my last one. Will be an almost 2 year gap & I wanted 3 years if I decided to have number 3.
    I'm 38weeks so not long for me to go now & although it took me a while to get my head round it , things fall into place.
    I'm a bit of a "what for you, won't go by you" type though.
    Just take a bit of time to get used to the idea. There's nothing wrong with being shocked & having misplaced feelings over an unplanned pregnancy. Don't feel guilty, just let things sink in x
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    We weren't expecting Amy - I was bf and had only had Marky 12 weeks before when we found out we were expecting her. We both thought we were done, or at the very least done for a long time lol! It was a surprise and a half and a lot to get our heads round (my husband was fine but I wasn't because of my mental health) but as time went on I got used to the idea and when she arrived things just clicked and I'm so so so happy she surprised us

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    I was in the same position a few weeks ago. Unexpectedly had a few very positive tests and was sh*ting it but now it has sunk in i am very happy to be expecting my 4th little blessing

    congratulations xx

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    massive congratulations xx

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    Hi, yes similar here, seems there are a few of us in this situation! one older, two miscarriages, had a baby last year and just found out i'm 7 weeks preg , no 2ww or ttc!
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