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Thread: all inclusive holidays

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    all inclusive holidays

    were going on holiday next year to turkey all inclusive for 2 weeks how much extra money would you take extra over there with you

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    I'd say it depends if you are planning on staying in the resort (so would need very little) or going on trips/excursions (in which case I'd take quite a bit!)

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    were planning on staying on the resort most of the time

    misscarriage august 2011
    misscarriage october 2014

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    You won't need much then! We did one a couple of years ago and spent a fortune, but that was because we went on trips.
    I would get a credit card you can make cash withdrawals with no fees/low fees then that way you don't need to worry about how much to take.

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    we only took 250 once on a 2 week all inclusive as we were pretty much staying on resort. we then went and won 250 on the bingo on the last night ha. I find you mainly need to keep it back for the airport on the way home or trips

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    you wont need that much but i like to take emergency money of at least 500

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