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Thread: Clothes size vs age

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    Clothes size vs age

    Not been on for ages but just wondering if I should be worried because Thomas is 3 in October but he still wears 18 -24 month clothes his shorts fell down the park today he's so tiny!! At his 2 year check they didn't seem worried he's on the 9th centipede for height where George has always been between 50th and 75th!!

    Do you think I should be worried? He eats loads he's extremely active always has been doesn't stop all day


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    That's meant to say centile stupid auto correct x

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    All kids are different shapes and sizes, definitely wouldn't be worried. Logan is on the small side. He's 50th centile for height but between 9 and 25 for weight, always closer to 9th. He's 5 and a half and I have to make sure I get his trousers with the adjustable waist or they will not stay up at all

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    Where as my daughter is 2 1/2 and wears 3/4 year old clothes... nothing to worry about.

    I was 5ft at 15.. my mum took me to specialists in my early teens. All told her not to worry.
    By 17 I had a growth spurt and I'm now 6ft!

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    My daughter is 5&half and Ive had to buy size 7-8 school shirts because they are longer and she's tall for her age. Size 6-7 did fit her around the arms/tummy just fine but wouldnt have lasted very long xx

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    Personally with clothes sizes I don't look at the age on the label, I look at the height.

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    Someone has to be on the 9th centile ... it's a normal distribution for humans - that's in statistical terms/speak.

    Entirely normal!
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    my 4 year old is on the 5th still fits in 1 year old stuff at a push

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    my 10 year old old daught is on the 9th line then my 8 year old daughter is on the 90th line goes to show there all different had to buy my 8 year old 11-12 school cardies as 9- 10 seemed to short and they dont do 9-10 so got her 11 -12 but most her stuff is not the size she should as shes tall then my other daughter is the opposite xx

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