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    Logan Jack Arlo

    Thought I'd do a quick birth story for my Logi-bear

    I'd only had my section date for just under 3 weeks as I really struggled to make a decision as to whether I should have an elective or try for a vbac.

    On the morning of the 16th June 2017, we were all up pretty early, so we could give Aidan his breakfast & spend some time with him as the last morning as a family of 3. My parents came to pick him up at 6:30am - they were in the park by 8am

    We left for the hospital at 7am as we had to be there for 7:30. We arrived on the ward at 7:30 on the dot lol we were seen to our room & told there was only one other elective that day & all being well, everything should be done & dusted by 11:30am. They'd be back in a few minutes to say whether we were first or second in line. Both me & the other lady were in for the same reason - previous emcs. We ended up being second (much to my relief at that point), just because we got to the ward after the other couple.

    Then came the wait in hindsight I should have taken a book or magazine or something as I was torturing myself by over thinking the mw came in around 9:30 to say the other lady is on her way down & we should be going down around 11am. I tried to sleep as I was knackered, but couldn't. Dave got into his scrubs at this point & I took my last bump pic

    The mw came in around 10:30 & all the colour drained from my face, my heart was pounding & I was thinking "no, I'm not ready!" She'd only popped in to say that the other lady was having a few problems & we'd be waiting that little bit longer now. Strangely, when she came back in to take me to theatre, I'd calmed down a fair bit.

    Midday came & that was it, my turn. I was shaky on the short walk to theatre. Then shaking while the spinal went in - instantly felt like I'd wet myself I did NOT like the spinal the epidural I had with Aidan gave me movement in my feet, the spinal freaked me out because I couldn't move anything. The surgeon asked me to move my legs to which I replied (rather sarcastically) "I can't!"

    My heart rate then decided to get really fast as I was freaking out over the lack of feeling in my feet I pretty much demanded Dave be brought in right at that moment. He did a really good job of keeping my mind off of the spinal effects etc.

    I remember a lot more from this section than I do Aidan's. All I remember from Aidan's was the noise when he was pulled out this time, I remember the pressure on my ribs & not being able to breathe properly because of it.

    At 12:36, 16th June, my little Logi came into the world singing the song of his people while he was having delayed cord clamping (55secs). Dave was offered to cut the cord but I needed him with me, so they left his cord a little longer so that Dave could experience it as he never cut Aidan's.

    Logan weighed 8lbs 2.8oz & was placed straight onto me while I was being sorted out. Mw's took pictures for us (still wasn't letting Dave go from my side ). The only time he wasn't on me was when I was being transferred from table to bed.

    Aidan came up that afternoon with my step mum, first meeting didn't go well but I expected that. step mum got to watch me getting a bed bath I was itching like crazy at this point, the spinal wearing off made that happen apparently, something in the ingredients(?)

    We only stayed the one night again, but didn't have to fight to go home this time. Catheter was out by 6am & I got myself out of bed at 9 after breakfast, I couldn't stay there any longer there was an issue with me not being able to pee properly/enough but that resolved itself by mid afternoon

    Logan now weighs 10lb 11oz at nearly 6w old (tomorrow!) and Aidan has been such a brilliant big brother, giving kisses & checking Logan's ok when he's crying. 2 under 2 is definitely challenging as neither of them can tell me what's wrong, but I love it would have been even better if my scar hadn't got infected, but hey ho! That's what I get for having a heatwave baby!

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    Lovely birth story patti and you have 2 beautiful boys xx

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    Thanks Simmi x

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    Ahh lovely story, lovely pics. Well done you x

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    Thanks Cass x I'm a little sad that I'll never get a natural birth, but in no way am I broody. I know this might change, but I'm happy as a family of 4. We may adopt in a few years time when we're better off, have a bigger house, but I'm content with my boys

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    awww beautiful story and gorgeous

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    Lovely birth story, those first pictures of Logan are so precious and made me feel all broody!

    I was also super itchy from the spinal, it was the worst thing ever I wanted to tear my skin off!

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    Thanks ladies
    Clairey it was awful, itchy for ages lol

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