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Thread: March & April 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by wanna-be-mumof3 View Post
    Baby Freyja arrived Friday 20th, at 4am
    Very quick labour...... midwives were only just getting prepared when her head appeared 🙈 No more babies for me, probably wouldn't make it to the car in time never mind the hospital 😂😂
    Congratulations! Look forward to hearing the birth story ❤️❤️❤️

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    How is everyone getting on? Hope all our babies have safely arrived into the world 😁

    I have shocked myself, baby number 4 and the first I have managed to breast feed beyond 3 days old. Still early days but Freyja is 13 days old now and back above her birth weight as of yesterday 😍. She has had her first wee cold thanks to her toddler brother 🙈

    Happy to share photos on Facebook if anyone wants my details just message me. Xx
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    Baby Evie (2nd dd) arrived on 26th April at 40+4 by emergency c section. We've been in hospital a week as she had congenital pneumonia and was in special care for 2 days. But today we are off home. :-)

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    Congratulations girls!
    Hope you’re both recovering well Paula.

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    Congratulations ladies.

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