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Thread: Speech Issues??

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    Speech Issues??


    Long time forum member returning for some advise

    My partner and I (more so me I think) are worried about his daughters speech. She is just 3yrs old and has what I perceive to be very limited speech.
    She has a limited word count of I'd say around 30 words. Can only speak in up to two word sentences "me there" "no me" "mummy hug" "bye mummy" Can say a big word, 'monkey', but not smaller ones like 'why'
    She has only just recently learnt how to say dada.
    She babbles away to herself with the few words she can say, repeating herself over and over.
    She understands when asked questions. Will point or action words she can't say. Never attempts to repeat/copy any words.

    When the subject has been broached with her mum we get stand offish responses. Claiming that her nursery workers think all is ok. However she has said recently that she had mentioned it to her new nursery which she starts in Sept and they will keep an eye.

    I guess what I'm asking for is am I worrying for nothing? I suppose I can only push my partner to do something off his own back, which he is wary about as the mum has form for threatening to refuse access if things aren't to her liking.
    I feel helpless as the step parent but can't help but worry when both of my children were speaking very well at three, asking questions etc etc. I would have sought advice from the relevant people by now if she was my child.

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    My son is 3 and a half with limited speech, my 5 year old also was slow in talking and didn't speak until he went to nursery the august after he turned 3. I guess what im saying is each child develops at their own pace, mine were later....but I think as long as there are no issues other than speech, then she will learn by herself in her own time x
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