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Thread: Parents with both boys and girls

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    Parents with both boys and girls

    Out of curiosity, I just wanted to ask parents who have boys and girls, what differences did you observe in their behaviour at the toddler to 4 year old stages? I don't want to generalise too much but my sister has 2 daughters (age 3 and 7), I have 1 son (aged 3). 1 main difference I have observed is that my boy requires us to play with him and entertain him constantly and seems to flit from one thing to the next, whereas my nieces seem content to occupy themselves with only a little input now and then. I was wondering if this might be a general boy/girl difference as I've heard that girls can have better concentration but just wondered what your experiences are?

    Any other interesting differences in behaviour?

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    I have 2 girls and a boy - my older girl and my boy are 22 months apart then my youngest came along 7.5 years later. My two eldest are excellent at entertaining themselves. They like to spend time with us and will ask to bake/read/play a game together but are equally happy to play together or play separately/read/dance/colour etc.

    Have you thought that it might be an only child vs. child with siblings thing? I met up with a friend last week who has one son who is 7. She said she constantly needs to entertain him and it's exhausting. He gets her up in the morning to watch tv with him and to make his breakfast even though he's capable of making it himself, he just doesn't want to be alone. The summer holidays are exhausting for her as he constantly wants entertained and something new to do. We do lots with ours in the holidays but if we aren't going anywhere they are usually happy to play together or by themselves or watch tv/play minecraft etc. It's not all perfect, they have some rare barneys but I'm pretty lucky.

    In terms of boy/girl behaviour, no - I haven't noticed this at all. My boy is really crafty and imaginative (he's 8 though so a lot older than 3!) and will go off and write stories or do wild & wonderful crafts for hours. He's really project led, just loves to come up with new ideas and get stuck into a new project.

    It will be interesting to see what other responses say!
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    I've a girl (5) and 2 boys (4 & 22 months) they all entertain themselves and play great together.

    My daughter will happily go to her room and draw or copy from books so she's practicing her writing. My middle child loves Lego and will sit and make things for hours. My youngest loves cars and is happy to just play with them or potter round with the other 2.

    I do think it's probably that your son is an only child. But then there is only a year between my 1st 2 so I never really had any experience of just 1 child needing entertained. Maybe as he gets older he'll learn to just entertain himself.

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    I have the opposite my oldest who is a girl likes to have someone to play with/ entertainer her. She's also a chatter box so she wants someone to talk to all day. My DS is 2 next month and he's a lot better at entertaining himself, im guessing because he's a second child he's a bit more used to entertaining himself.

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    Really interesting replies thanks. I had wondered about the only child thing, makes me feel a bit sad really as I doubt we will have more. My parents had also said they didn't constantly play with me and my sister, which also made me think it might be a girl thing but perhaps it is the fact he doesn't have a sibling. He does go to nursery 3 days a week but we are not that sociable with other families so perhaps I should try to improve that situation a bit!

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    I have 2 girls and a boy, my boy is the eldest, hes 7 and my girls are 4 and 2. They mostly play with themselves without needing entertaining ... more i play referee to see if theyre playing fair. They often leave the youngest out but i think thats because their abilities are much closer. My middle child, has imo always been pretty independent and a bit more forward in some areas of development, which bridged the gap between her and my boy, even though the age gap is 3.5yrs. Her speech was great from about 18mnths, so that helped alot too.

    I think alot of it in our case is to do with development, the older 2 gravitate towards eachother because they are closer in development, my 2 girls even though closer in age ( only a 2 yr difference) are developmentally further apart- speech, motor skills, imagination, understanding, emotional,.. loads of ways really.
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    I don't know if that's a boy girl difference or more that the girls have a constant sibling. My sons are more than happy to entertain themselves but alone they like 1-1 xxx
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    Dd1 happily plays by self. As an older child prefers her own company
    Dd2 (26 mths younger) prefers to be round people, struggles to play by herself
    Ds1 (8 yrs difference) happily plays by himself

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