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Thread: trouble getting to sleep

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    trouble getting to sleep

    If anyone has 9 year olds what time to you say is bedtime? My eldest is having trouble going to sleep. Sometimes he lies there tossing and turning for over an hour. I can tell hes shattered though. I normally send him up after half 8 and by the time hes brushed his teeth and mucked around a bit with his brothers its closer to 9. Sometimes he doesn't fall asleep until 10.30. tonight hes been so argumentative and grumpy I sent him up at 8 thinking he'd be asleep straight away because he looks shattered. Ive just been to check on him 40mins later and hes wide awake rolling round in bed. Any tips on being able to settle him better? I don't really want him to go to bed later on school nights. not sure what to suggest to help him get off to sleep quicker.

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    Is he using technology before bed?

    My two usually go to bed 8:30/8:45 but L will read til about 9/9.15.

    They get up really early sometimes before 6am...

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    My 10 year old is allowed to read in bed until 10pm, anything before that and Hes tossing and turning. He's normally first up too!

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    They have to come off their computers after tea so from 6ish. They usually just play which tends to involve play fighting and being typical boys!! Maybe when I send the twins to bed he can have some extra quiet time in his room for a bit longer. He always sleeps around 11hours and hes like an evil teen when I have to wake him at 8am!

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