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Thread: Sensitive sun cream recommendations pleease!

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    Sensitive sun cream recommendations pleease!

    I'm on the hunt for a suer-sensitive suncream for DD. She's nearly 9, doesn't suffer with any excema or the like and yet I cannot find a suncream that doesn't dry out her skin and leave her sore and uncomfortable. I've tried Soltan, Nivea and Aldi this year alone but they've all dried her out. It's costing me a fortune in cream that ends up not being used as we live in Scotland so there's only a handful of days a year we actually need any!! We're heading off to Spain soon though so we need to get something sorted out but I'm reluctant to buy any more unless I'm pretty damned sure it's not going to dry her skin!!

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    I think child's farm is supposed to be good. You can get it in Boots & other places.

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    Hi Banana Boat suncream is lovely. Both my girls have sensitive skin and eczema and are totally fine with banana boat.
    You can get it in Tescos and Sainsbury's plus the usual Boots etc.
    Get the small tube first for 3.50 to check it is ok

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    I've no personal experience but La Roche Posay (can get it in Boots) is supposed to be fab:-
    DD1 is nearly 11 years old DS is nearly 9 years old DD2 is 16 months old

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    Thank you ladies :-) I'll try the Banana Boat first if I can get a small tube of it and go from there. It's just so bizarre that we have no problems with anything else yet sun cream seems to be a huge drama! Fingers crossed we find something or DD will be spending the whole of our holiday indoors!!

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    We use Aldo's sensitive skin suncream and at 2 something it's a bargain. Izzy screams if any other cream touches her skin. But this one is fab

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    I love Piz Buin once a day factor 30 - Jasper and I are both a bit sensitive but this is fine on us. Also only need to top up if you swim - otherwise it really is once a day!

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