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    Question PCOS and TTC

    Hi, there! Iíve decided to post here as I need some advice with my fertility problem. I canít ttc because of my PCOS. I know that there are quite a lot of ladies who managed to conceive with PCOS. Most of them did it because they managed to reduce their weight and took some medicine. Iím not overweight, but I have much hair on my leg. There is also some hair on my chin, and I need to shave it. I tried to cycle with clomid injections, but they didnít work. My gyny recommended me an ovarian drilling, but Iím a little bit afraid to do it. I want to try to conceive naturally. Is there anybody here with tough PCOS? How did you manage to conceive?

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    I was diagnosed with PCOS while ttc our first. I had read a lot about women who drank apple cider vinegar and they conceived. I used to put 2 tablespoons into a glass of water (just a small amount of water) every morning and night. It was absolutely disgusting I also took vit b6 everyday. After 4/5 months of taking this we conceived. We had been trying for 18mths.

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    I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was about 16. At the time I saw it as a blessing as I was totally not interested in 'EVER' having a family. However 5-6 years later I changed my mind lol. I was also told to lose weight, which I did over the course of about 2 years but still I was not conceiving despite being an idle BMI. I was given a HSG test (hysterosalpingogram) and then a laporoscopy and that came back all fine. I also had my egg reserve tested which was also fine. My cycles, mostly, were all over the place, I once didnt have a period for 7 months, then bled constantly for 23 weeks. Finally clomid was advised and on the 2nd cycle I caught.

    During my time TTC I also used a themometer to track my cycles. My cycles weren't always that great to track as a lot varied from cycle to cycle (me temp seemed to be very sensitive to having a cold, exercising and warm weather etc, so even when my cycles were, on paper, perfect, I very rarely was able to pinpoint ovulation. Checking my cervical mucous seemed to be more helpful for me. And then I also did fertile focus which was amazing entertaining and also seemed very accurate. Fertile focus is when you use a microscope thingy, you spit on it every morning and when you look at it, if it looks like a fern plant, you're fertile! Clever stuff.

    I also was taking soy isoflavones, which is apparently like the natural version of clomid. However if you havr regular cycles (less than 35 days long) then do not take that.
    Evening primrose oil is something else I took as well as folic acid and a general multivitamin.

    Has your OH had a sperm analysis?

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    Hi, I think all depends on how tough your PCOS is. I tried quite a lot of things and didnít manage to conceive. DE IVF was a real help. However, itís not as simple as you may think. I would recommend you to think twice before making a final decision. For me, DE IVF was like a real challenge for my body and mind. Fortunately, it ended successfully, and, now, Iím a mum. I wish you good luck, dear!

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    Hi, ladies! Thanks for your clues and tips. I consider them really very helpful. I wouldnít hasten with DE IVF. However, if this medical treatment will help me become a mum, I would certainly experience it. At present, Iím trying to reduce my weight. I cut down my crabs and work out three times a week. Superfast, could you please tell me the way youíve chosen a clinic? Iíve found quite a lot official websites of fertility clinics on the net. They all offer nearly the sameÖ

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    Improving a diet is a great thing, hun. I have a close friend who was also diagnosed with PCOS and who managed to conceive after having improved her diet. I think you can do the same. As for choosing a clinic, I think you need to find the one you feel really comfortable with. While choosing a clinic for my DE IVF, I took into consideration three things: price, package of services and success rates. I think you can also take these things into consideration while choosing a fertility clinic.
    P.S. Most of PCOS ladies do manage to conceive so I think you shouldnít give up by any means.

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    I would also recommend mailing clinics to see how comfortable you feel with them. A friend of my sis picked 3 or 4 IVF clinics from Czech Rep and Poland, mailed them and then finally chose one from Poland.

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