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Thread: Lack of maternity fashion on the high street?

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    Lack of maternity fashion on the high street?

    Hey all,

    Just turned 7 months pregnant today

    Back in May I was invited to a wedding and left it a little late to get an outfit together. I live in the Scottish Highlands, so the closest town to me is Inverness. Spent a frustrating day trying to find something suitable, but the only place that stocked any maternity wear was New Look (and their range was tiny).

    Tried shopping in Glasgow the day before the wedding and didn't get any more luck, so in the end I had to borrow a dress from a friend.

    This is my first pregnancy and I was really surprised at the lack of maternity sections in high street stores. There were a few places that stocked casual wear, but hardly anywhere with anything suitable for a wedding.

    Seems like most retailers have now moved their maternity ranges online, which as this is a time when I definitely want to be trying clothes on before buying is rather annoying...

    We did a bit of research into this and it seems to be a problem throughout the UK. My husband is currently writing an artice on our findings.

    So I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on:

    a) similar problems finding stockists of maternity fashion on the high street
    b) any recommended retailers (in the UK preferably) who stock decent ranges in store


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    Funny enough I was ranting about this to a friend the other day.
    It seems the high street think we don't reproduce any more because there is zero choice of maternity clothes. I've resorted to buying online/buying normal t shirts but a lot bigger in size.

    Not sure if matalan stock in store. Know they do online.
    H&M stock in store. Like you noticed most shops have sent their range online which is crap

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    A) Yeah there isn't a great deal of stuff out there

    B) Asos are fab for maternity event wear. I often browse and prefer the maternity stuff to the non maternity stuff! Otherwise, Peacocks is OK.

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    New Look usually have a maternity section in store.

    I think there is far more available online now than a few years ago.

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    Boohoo seem to have a few good bits in at the moment, as do H&M but lack the range of sizes in my store so I can't try anything I like on

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    Maternity wear and breastfeeding friendly clothes that don't cost a fortune,!xx

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    This really irritates me. I've just spent about 200 buying maternity clothes online because i have no idea what sizes will fit. Out of about 12 items I'll probably keep 4. It also annoys me that normal clothes are 10, 12, or 14 etc but maternity clothes often come in S, M or L which vaguely translate to 8-10 or 12-14. Like really does it need to be more difficult?

    I need some smart tops for work and unless im willing to spend 30 per top in next (im not!) They just dont exist. I've ended up with crap round neck t shirt style tops from Dorothy perkins. I dont understand why pregnant women are expected to have no identity? Average non descript clothes are all i seem to find. I knew matalan had some in store so i went to look and honestly nearly cried at the potato sacks they were trying to sell as maternity clothes. Im normally a 10, a size 6 in one of their tops just hung straight off me, it was massive. Im pregnant not a whale!!!!

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    Hi Thank you for all the replies! Glad i'm not the only one then that has had this struggle! Will check out boohoo and asos for some dresses now i have a bit more time but i'd just left it too late and didn't think it'd be so tricky to find something! I did notice that specific maternity stores did have a few nice things but really expensive and not really my style.

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    Just seen this on FB!

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    What fab timing! Will check it out and see if there are any bargains

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    That's handy, I was experiencing the same. Been looking for clothes, but could not find anything, and if I did it was just black and other
    not colourful clothes. I will have a wee browse on that website there, thank you!

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    Thanks again for all the feedback/comments

    We've just published the article with our full findings here

    Looks like it's going to get harder and harder to find any maternity fashion on the high street

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    I'm not pregnant yet but what I find frustrating is that if I was ever to get pregnant there isn't much for plus size maternity!!!
    cheering for all the lovely ladies TTC

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