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Thread: Hair colouring

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    Hair colouring

    I know this is probably a debatable topic but does anyone know how I can colour my daughter's hair? I've tried chalks but they rubbed off on her clothes and washed off in the bath immediately. I ideally want something that will last a few days bit doesn't damage her hair, of course. Does anything like this exist?

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    Is it for an occasion (just wondering what kind of colour you're after) and how old is she? X

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    No she just wants pink hair 🙈 her friend at pre school has pink tips done with chalk and she keeps asking for the same. She's almost 3 which is why I'm reluctant to try anything too harsh. It doesn't need to be really bright or anything, she has blonde hair so even a faded pink would be ok. Maybe I just need to try a different brand of chalk?

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    What about a hair colour spray? X

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