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Thread: Not Dry At 6 (Overactive Bladder)

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    Not Dry At 6 (Overactive Bladder)

    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas I've not thought of!

    sophie was referred to the incontinence team at 4, still firmly in nappies.
    They offered a parenting course lol - obv not a parenting issues as Evie was due before ages 2!

    early years support came into nursery and gave us loads of strategies and she went into pants which is great - except she's never dry...ever.

    Honestly I wish I'd not let them force me to put her into pants. She goes through 2-5 pairs a day and is damp all day every day then fully wet once or twice a day.
    overnight I have to change her nappy because it'll leak as it's so full.

    so she's now 5 years 3 months and was referred again to the incontince team but I've just got a letter saying they have no staff so once again we're left not knowing what to do!

    we've tried knees up above stomach when weeing so bladder empty, singing songs during her wee so bladder empties, she's taken to the toilet every 15 mins at school every single day and is still wet in between and usually at lunch time when she's not taken for 45 mins she fully wets herself, she drinks enough, she's not constipated ever

    she has autism, sensory processing disorder and ADHD so obviously could be those causing it but I'm so fed up of washing up to 35 pants a WEEK!
    And she's outgrowing size 6 nappies :/
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    Olli wasnt out of pullups til year 1, he was almost 6 i think x dnt have alot of advice but just thouht id share how ollis been, tashas 4 and shes not dry at night yet, its been a bit easier with her but still abit lengthy. X
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    Ta xx

    im fine with the night because it's obviously still 'normal' till gone 7 but even so it's still HUGE volumes overnight! She goes through two nappies a night and still leaks over the top of it some nights!
    As I say that's fine but just shows how much wee she produces!
    I so badly regret letting them push me into putting her in pants
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    Would it be awful to put her back in pull-ups? If she's got other issues that could be causing this then it feels really unfair to let her keep wetting herself if she cant control it.

    Or maybe there's a product in the tena lady range like pads so she could wear pants but not get wet?

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    So are the incontince team rearranging another appointment for you or will they not see you?

    My niece is 10 and she has problems where she can't stop herself wetting her pants a bit. She gets so embarrassed about it and I feel for her so much. My sister has had to push and push to be seen by a specialist (not sure what department) which she has for the last year but they are still investigating it. She had to go to doctors and HVs to get The referral. The only thing they have found is it happens a lot less and she has a lot less utis now she's stopped eatting wheat and gluten.

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    Kimmy I honestly want her back in nappies but im
    not sure if that would be a terrible idea!

    kidston they said they can't see her at the moment as they have no staff and that was it really!
    It was the doctor who referred to them a few weeks back

    oh that's interesting about gluten! I'll definitely try cutting that out, tried cutting out squash as that can irritate the bladder but it made no difference x
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    I would do it then, theres no point you and her suffering through this when she would be more comfortable in nappies.

    Plus it was the professionals that pushed you into ditching nappies and now they're refusing to see you when the issues are still ongoing? Sod them! Do whats best for sophie and when they "find the time" to see you again then you can look at your options.

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    I would be going back and demanding to be seen by a urologist or whatever they are called (the ones who look at kidneys
    bladdder etc) yes her issues could be psychological but it sounds like it might not be so if the incontinence team
    cant see you why don't they at least rule out any physical issues in the mean time

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    Ah ok I can see The doctor and asked to be referred elsewhere
    she was meant to have a bladder scan but nothing came of that grrr
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    Ive no advice but agree with Kimmy. Seems unfair on you both that she's going through so many knickers each day.
    Hope you get some answers soon x

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    Has she had a kidney scan?

    It sounds as though the message between brain to bladder is getting a bit muddled. Evie had this problem and was on meds to help with bedwetting. She's totally dry now at 8.5yrs and was dry around 8 years 2-3 months after meds. I have a post somewhere on the forum here x

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    Ta Bec school won't agree at all I don't think
    ta Dannii no she was meant to with theincontinence team first time round but it didn't happen
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    What a crappy team they are! That should have been done! Evie had a bladder, bowel & kidney scan. Luckily her kidneys were fine but her bladder was half the size it should have been so we had bladder training to enlarge it (it worked). It was drinking 12 small drinks a day, 2 wees each time she went & she was constipated without us even realising it. Her bowel scans showed that there was always some poo left in there even after she'd been which meant after she weed each time, the sensation would go yet there was still urine in her bladder & it was never empty.

    Blackcurrant (any 'dark' colour drinks) are triggers for wetting & not drinking enough is also a contributor. We used gentle laxatives, going to the loo twice each time, sleep lifting (we still do this at 11pm ish), only water for a few months & although I didn't agree at the time (but was at the point where we had to try everything), we followed the consultant's advice and made Evie deal with her own washing - I hated it - it felt like she was being punished & I felt awful watching her strip her bedding and collect all her smelly, wet knickers to put in the wash each day

    I also spoke to her teacher so she could have her drink on her desk all day & sip constantly. We did a sticker chart if she drank all 12 cups. No drinks after 6pm etc. Bloody hard work!

    Oh and desmopressin tablets for night time x

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    I refused the alarm (if they ever offer you this I wouldn't recommend!) obviously I had Betsy who would have woken with it each time and it didn't work for my brother. I remember being woken all the time with it & he'd sleep through it, was a pain in the arse! It also wakes the child AFTER the wee so in my eyes, it's counter productive! X

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    Thank you that's really helpful x
    i think sophie would love to do her washing haha, she's not at all bothered if she's wet herself, even at school just goes up to a teacher and casually tells them she's wet and she changes herself!

    yes a doctor mentioned the alarm but it's daytime that's our issue really x
    Evie Mae - born 20/12/2009, 7lbs 9.5ozs, 41+4 Weeks

    Sophie Daisy - born 28/01/2012, 7lbs, 39+3 Weeks

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