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Thread: Not Dry At 5+

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    Thought I'd update this 6 months later!!
    Theres finally staff on the incontinece team!
    I saw two school nurses a few months back who were appalled by the lack of help and have ordered her incontinence nappies.
    they referred to the incontinance nurse who I saw last week, it was very helpful actually and now I'll see the paediatrician by January and it's looking like they want to try desmopressin day and night.
    I don't really want to try the bed alarm as sleep is already an issue with her autism and ADHD!
    i don't want to try the tablets just yet really, I want the bladder scan to see if she has a small or overactive bladder.

    She still wets herself all day everyday and is DRENCHED overnight
    Evie Mae - born 20/12/2009, 7lbs 9.5ozs, 41+4 Weeks

    Sophie Daisy - born 28/01/2012, 7lbs, 39+3 Weeks

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    Oh that's good news. Glad you are getting some help at loooooong last!
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    I'm glad to hear you're having some progress

    My 2nd dd had a problem with wetting at night until about a year ago (she's now nearly 13), she did it less as she got older but she would have phases of wetting at night and she also had problems during the day. She had a scan and although she has a bladder small for her age (she is small anyway) they didn't find a physical problem, said it was most likely the mechanism where one produces less wee once they are asleep hadn't fully developed. She was on tablets for a bit, they did help a fair bit and we were able to go and get a repeat prescription if she went through a rough patch again. She is out of the pj pants now but I must admit I have occasionally found wet pants (though she denies it and blames it on her younger sister).

    OH had it as well until his early teens.

    Just wanted to reassure you you're not alone x
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    Thank you ladies x
    its all very new to me as my eldest was totally dry in the day before aged 2 and dry at night a few months after she turned 2!!

    Sophies almost 6!
    Evie Mae - born 20/12/2009, 7lbs 9.5ozs, 41+4 Weeks

    Sophie Daisy - born 28/01/2012, 7lbs, 39+3 Weeks

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