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Thread: Bump pain

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    Bump pain

    Hey twin mummies

    I am almost 15weeks now but the too of my 'bump' is quite tender and sore by the end of the day, is this normal? I don't remember feeling like this with DD

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    Hello! Congrats by the way! are you having identicals or non? When I was carrying the boys I constantly had stretch pains. I'm sorry to say they were a lot worse than my single pregnancy! The whole top half of my bump use to feel like it was being stretched a million miles. especially when I was 20 weeks +

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    Hi Sage!
    Non identical we are having, what are your boys?
    Yeah my top half feels stretched xxx

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    Mine are identicals but coming up to 7 now. its really does go way too fast! Only seems like yesterday I was posting in here telling everyone.

    Warm baths, stretch mark cream rubbed in and literally putting my hands under bump and carrying it a bit were the only ways to get a bit of relief! literally felt like id swallowed a bowling ball (or two) most days! I was very lucky I had a very easy pregnancy with them. Aside from being HUGE and uncomfortable I had zero problems. Hope its all going well for you!

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    Aww it does go fast I can't believe DD is almost 5 now!

    Yeah stretch mark oil is my best friend at the moment, some days it feels heavy than others but i suppose it all depends where they are lay. I have been ok apart from pretty bad sickness but that seems to being dying down now thankfully was not nice at all.

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