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Thread: Thick question...

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    Thick question...

    Our landlord messaged us to say he's getting a mortgage on our house so someone may be in touch to view it soon. He bought it cheap more than twenty years ago and pretty sure he owns it outright so why would he be doing this? I'm sure I'm being thick

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    Remortgaging maybe?

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    I'm confused because he isn't short of a few quid so wouldn't have thought he would have to

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    Yes maybe he's just changing mortgage. Maybe he's not as loaded as you think..

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    Could he be looking to sell but has worded it differently in case he changes his mind or isn't thinking about it just yet?
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    Sound like he wants to unlock some of the equity so not as loaded as he may seem if he is being honest. If not it may be that he is mulling selling and needs a valuation x
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    Maybe he wants to buy another property and so needs a mortgage to do it.

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    I can't say what his job is (he's a landlord to ten properties but he has a job other than this) but he is definitely well off.
    I was thinking what you said, Jills, or possibly wording 'I'm thinking of selling' differently so we don't jump the gun and quickly move (which couldn't happen anyway) which concerns me. I did wonder if anyone may wonder the same

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    just ask him outright or say you are worried he might be wanting to sell and you are happy there. What have you got to lose? he can either reassure you and put your mind at rest or if there is something happening maybe he will be straight up and at least you will know whats what x
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    I feel awkward, like it isn't my business especially if it turns out he's getting a mortgage to invest. I think we will ask the guy he has here to do jobs here and there as hubby is friendly with him and he's told us stuff before so he may know x

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    Sounds to me like he may be looking into selling...unfortunately I found myself renting out my ex marital home to a horrible tenant, I needed to get a valuation for the divorce court case so I told him it was to do with the mortgage.
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    We had a mortgage person come he said it was to revalue it as they were remortgaging within a month we were given two months notice and house on market

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    We've just remortgaged, not because we need the money (I mean we do, but we didn't take a bigger mortgage, just what we owed), but to get a better deal on the mortgage/monthly payments. Maybe it's that?

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    Ok, so I text him a few minutes ago. Literally sat here shaking like a leaf lol! I know it sounds stupid, but at this precise moment in time, we don't have the option of moving privately unless we found a landlord willing to accept us without a guarantor (we simply don't know anyone who is a homeowner or earning three times the rent for the size accommodation we would require) or without a letting agent or without wanting a few thousand pounds in rent and a deposit so we would be looking at applying to the council which takes time and there aren't any guarantees. We wouldn't worry as much if it was only us but you can't sofa surf temporarily with five children!
    He put 'happy Easter' at the start of his message so hoping the niceness is a sign he isn't about to evict us

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    I hope so lovely uve obviously had only a bad thing happen from it tho the kortage advisor even said its nothing to worry about and it was. We had the disappointment if habing to move and then had two months of the estate agents phoning us to show ppl around it was horrendous tbh. Is it worth applying or speaking to the council now and just putting ur name on the list just incase

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