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Thread: TTC baby number 40!

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    TTC baby number 40!

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    Hi everyone,
    Im currently trying to conceive my fifth baby and while every other pregnancy even in my thirties has been conceived within 6 cycles, this time im struggling.
    We have been trying for 18 months but to no avail although I had an early MC at 6 weeks about 7 months ago.
    Im thinking this is because im 40 now and my fertility has dropped steeply.
    Anyone in the same boat? Any advice?

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    Trying asking in the Trying to Conceive section of the forum

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    There is a Fab Fertile Fogies thread in the Trying to conceive section of the forum for ladies over 35 head on over
    Ectopic in Feb 2010 - lost one tube... but a Fab Fertile Fogie nevertheless!
    Mum to K born in Dec 2011 - our little miracle who became a twinkle in the eye whilst we were about to start IVF
    A surprise BFP in July 2015 whilst waiting for a trial of Chlomid - DD2 born in March 2016

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