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Thread: TTC baby number 40!

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    TTC baby number 40!

    Hi everyone,
    Im currently trying to conceive my fifth baby and while every other pregnancy even in my thirties has been conceived within 6 cycles, this time im struggling.
    We have been trying for 18 months but to no avail although I had an early MC at 6 weeks about 7 months ago.
    Im thinking this is because im 40 now and my fertility has dropped steeply.
    Anyone in the same boat? Any advice?

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    Trying asking in the Trying to Conceive section of the forum

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    There is a Fab Fertile Fogies thread in the Trying to conceive section of the forum for ladies over 35 head on over
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    Yes, definitely have a look at the Fab Fertile Fogies thread. I had my 5th daughter at 42 (conceived at 41). It took me 18 months and a mc at 10 weeks to have my 4th daughter at nearly 39 but I was lucky on the 6th cycle with Nerissa.

    I can give you a little advice - firstly don't give up, and don't be put off by your age - I know quite a few ladies, both on here and in RL who've had babies over 40 - even a couple at 44, 46 and 47!! I took a few supplements in addition to the folic acid, not sure if they made a difference but I like to think they did - two of them you may not want to take if you're a vegan (fish body oils and royal jelly) but the others were vitamin b6 - it's supposed to be good for stablising hormones, and evening primrose oil. I also did self fertility massage and lost quite a bit of weight.

    All the best with it and don't give up xx
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