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Thread: My 9 year old daughter swearing

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    My 9 year old daughter swearing

    And by swearing I mean every word going, even **** and ****. I had a message on Facebook off my friend about Imogen and I am beyond disgusted and mostly embarrassed.
    What make it worse is the road she done it down we are supposed to be moving to in 8 weeks.
    Any suggestions? She's grounded till Friday now as this is serious. She's made herself look bad and it's totally unacceptable. Her problem is she thinks she's older she hen what she is.

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    Hey mrs, long time no see! I've got a 10 year old and my first question would be, where has she heard these words from? Friends? My kids don't play outside alone so grounded would not work. But I would take away play dates, games, treats etc.

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    I've had trouble with one of my eldests friends who he plays with in the street calling him every name in the swear book when they get into arguments. My eldest is 9 I no he knows all the words from school and this boy as weve discused it. but I always tell him its fine to know them but it doesn't make you big or clever. I've tried to make him feel sort of grown up that he knows them and made a big effort to tell him that he's grown up not using them like his friends if that makes sense. So I haven't made it such a bad thing because I no then it would be "cool".

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